Hey there,
I'm Jenna!

I’m a Metro Detroit photographer, outdoor lover, and dog mom with big dreams. I was born and raised in Michigan, surrounded by the beautiful lakes. That's where my love for the beach, water, and sunshine all started!

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The mission at Jenna Joann Photos is to provide high-end, impactful photography and videography services to both product and service based businesses. We specialize in capturing the essence and beauty of products, helping our clients attract and engage their target audience. We believe in the power of creativity and fun, combining them to deliver exceptional results. Our goal is to be the go-to choice for businesses, providing them with visually stunning content that showcases their products and drives business success.

Unleash Your Brand's Visual Story


In my garden, a local farmers market, walking in a park, relaxing in my backyard, on a boat or beach.

daily rituals

Morning local news, dessert flavored coffee, family walks with our dog, reading a book, listening to podcasts.

My Favorite Things

My dog! Even when he's shoving toys in my face (literally) or waking me up too early, I love him to pieces.

My happy place!

Aruba! Or any warm beach. It's my zone of serenity where all of my best ideas happen.

Home improvements. If my fiance can't find me in the house, it's because I've got a tool in my hand. I think Joanna Gaines and I would be best friends.

let's work together

I know that picking a photographer is serious business, and I know how important it is to find someone who will understand you and your brand. If you think that's me, click below to schedule a call!

did we just become best friends?