How Branding Photography Helps Your Business

February 2, 2021

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I'm Jenna!

Iā€™m a Metro Detroit photographer, outdoor lover, and dog mom with big dreams. I was born and raised in Michigan, surrounded by lakes, so my love for sunshine and water started at a very young age.


When you have a photoshoot with any professional photographer, you can always expect to get beautiful images back whether you’re working with a wedding photographer, family photographer, or branding photographer, but if you’re a business owner, beautiful images aren’t enough. You need to work with a photographer who knows how to create and capture an images that sell. You need a branding photographer šŸ˜‰

Of course there are the tangible benefits of branding photography like fresh, on-brand images and content for your social media and website, but I want to talk about the non-tangible benefits that often get overlooked.

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You Look Professional

Having professional photos make YOU look professional. Having professional images also tells your audience that you mean business in your image and brand, you take your business seriously, and you will also take your customers and clients seriously when working with them. People are way more likely to purchase products and services from someone who looks professional.

You Save Time

How many times have you wanted to post something on instagram but didn’t because you spent hours digging through your phone and couldn’t find an image fit your brand? How amazing would it feel to instead have a bank of beautiful, on-brand images that you love and couldn’t wait to post? Images that make you feel excited and confident to show up? When you work with me, you’ll get your images to a private online gallery you can download and save directly to you phone, saving you valuable time on other parts of your business.

No More Stock Photos

While stock photos can certainly serve a purpose and be a good placeholder, you don’t want to hide behind them. Especially if they are stock photos that thousands of other people have access to. Having your own branded imaged gives you custom stock photos that can incorporate your own logos and marketing material.

Provides a Strategy

When you no longer have to worry about what to post, or having an image available to post, it’s so much easier to plan and creature a strategy so you can save time and focus on growing other parts of your business. One of my favorite tools to help me create my instagram strategy is Planoly. Whether you choose Planoly or similar app, you can drop your customized branding photos in there to see what images look best next to each other, and write out your captions so you can plan ahead and stop spending the daily time to do it. I personally do this and create a months worth of content in one day!

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I'm Jenna,

a Brand and Product Photographer with a background in marketing and graphic design. My journey in photography has led to features in national magazines and local billboards, creating visuals with a clean, crisp, and colorful style.

Photography isn't just my profession; it's a passion to help others achieve their goals. I'm not just focused on taking pictures; I'm here to help your brand succeed.

Beyond the lens, my love for nature and gardening adds a unique vibrancy to my creative perspective.

Let's elevate your brand together

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