The Future of Product Photography: Colored Backgrounds

November 29, 2021

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When you think of product photography, do you picture products on a white background? Back in the early 2000s when amazon gained its popularity, almost all product images were listed on a white background. A great strategy, to keep the focus solely on the product. But nowadays, companies are opting the traditional ‘on-white’ images and choosing product photography that is more creative. One of the easiest ways to add a pop of creativity is to ditch the white background and shoot on a colored backdrop. The future of product photography is moving to colored backgrounds

Product Photography: Colored Backdrops showing beauty product on pink background

Colored Backgrounds Set The Tone

Choosing to use a colorful background in your product images is an easy way to set your brand’s tone. There is a ton of research around the psychology of colors in marketing. It’s been proven that certain colors affect humans, and their purchasing power, differently. For example, red is often used to create a sense of urgency, while blue is generally viewed as more calming. A product that helps people get a better night’s rest should avoid using red.

Products on white backgrounds lose this effect. They miss out on the opportunity to tell the story about the product, and what you can experience as the consumer. When you use color, you create an experience that tells the customer’s what they can expect when buying the product.

Colored Backgrounds Grab Our Attention

As consumers, we take in a lot of content. Think about how much time we spend scrolling on visually appealing platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest. We can’t help but compare the content we see on ecommerce platforms to the eye-catching images we see on social media. Products on a white loses that ability, but adding a colored background makes consumers feel like they never left social media.

Product Photography Colored Backgrounds Create Brand Recognition

Imagine someone scrolling on social media and seeing a color that instantly makes them think of your brand or product. Using product photography with colored backgrounds can achieve that. For example, think about the color blue. If you were to see the robin’s egg color blue, without any product or logo, I’m sure you’d instantly think of Tiffany and Co. Same example with the color yellow and McDonalds.

When people keep seeing a color associated with a brand, they begin think of the brand more often. Keeping this consistency builds a trust of what they can expect to receive when purchasing the product. Using consistent colored backdrops in your product photography is an easy way to create brand recognition.

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I'm Jenna,

a Brand and Product Photographer with a background in marketing and graphic design. My journey in photography has led to features in national magazines and local billboards, creating visuals with a clean, crisp, and colorful style.

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