Best Backdrops for Product Photography

July 16, 2021

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I'm Jenna!

I’m a Metro Detroit photographer, outdoor lover, and dog mom with big dreams. I was born and raised in Michigan, surrounded by lakes, so my love for sunshine and water started at a very young age.


More than ever, content creators are looking for ways to create scroll-stopping images. With all the images and content we consume throughout the day, the need to stand out is higher than ever. And if you’re new to product photography, an easy way to get your images to pop is to use creative backdrops. Research has shown that customers no longer want to see products on white backgrounds. Although they are important on e-commerce sites like amazon or ebay, they feel very salesy and boring to your audience. Instead, your customers want to see how your product will look and feel in everyday life. One of the easiest ways I’ve found to achieve this realistic look is by using backdrops in your product photography. Here’s some of my favorite companies that sell them:

Chocolate chip cookies taken by michigan food photographer
Photo taken using Replica Surface boards

Replica Surfaces

What I love about Replica Surfaces is that they are boards, and not a roll-up vinyl. They come with mini stands, so you don’t have to worry about attaching them to a wall or stand to hold up. The boards are also easier to store than vinyl, since you can place them against a wall in a closet or out of the way and they will stay upright themselves. I personally store mine in the carrying case they sell.

Pros: Lightweight, durable, carrying case makes it easy to travel with.

Cons: Small in size, a little pricey.

Michigan product photographer takes photo of hair product on backdrops.
Photo taken using Everyday Co. backdrops

Everyday Co

Everyday Co. is my favorite company to get vinyl backdrops. What makes them my favorite is the durability and color options. They provide more options than any other site I have seen, and they make fun and colorful options too, rather than replicating surfaces. For someone like myself who loves color, Everyday Co. is my go-to shop.

Pros: Durable, affordable, variety.

Cons: Located in Australia, so shipping to the US can take longer than usual.

Michigan Product Photographer takes image of skincare
Photo taken using Club backdrops

Club Backdrops

Similar to Everyday Co., but Club Backdrops offers the best bundle pricing I have seen with their 2 for 3 deal. They material is durable when it comes to spills and water, but I have noticed they can be flimsy when moving, which can lead to creases if you are not careful. I have many of their large size backdrops, which are great for shooting larger products or a group of products.

Pros: Size, great bundle pricing.

Cons: Material is durable to water and stains, but prone to creating creases when storing or moving.

BONUS: If you’re not ready to invest, that’s ok! There’s plenty of ways to create your own on a low budget. One of my favorite places to get plain colored backgrounds is the local craft store. In there, you can find colored poster paper and other fun scrapbook paper backgrounds. Another good place to check out is your local home-improvement store. You can usually find large pieces of tile for a good price.

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I'm Jenna,

a Brand and Product Photographer with a background in marketing and graphic design. My journey in photography has led to features in national magazines and local billboards, creating visuals with a clean, crisp, and colorful style.

Photography isn't just my profession; it's a passion to help others achieve their goals. I'm not just focused on taking pictures; I'm here to help your brand succeed.

Beyond the lens, my love for nature and gardening adds a unique vibrancy to my creative perspective.

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