9 Ways to Use Your Brand Photos

August 9, 2021

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Dr Peace Lily Brand Photo by Detroit Brand Photographer

These days, it’s not only important to have brand photos, but it’s also important that you know all the ways to use your brand photos. Although there are endless ways to use your brand photos, I’m going to give you nine ways you can start to use your brand photos today!

1. Instagram Posts:

Instagram is easily one of the most common platforms my clients use their brand photos. With its heavy focus on images, it’s the perfect social media platform to start with. Use an image of yourself from your brand photos to post an introductory post, or to talk about who you are and what you do. Remember, your followers are following you because they want to see YOU. Don’t be afraid to show your face.

2. Social Media Profile Pictures

Another common (and great) place to use your brand images is on all social media profile icons. Think about it – how many people see your profile icon before even making it to your page? This is a great way to create a professional impression, or help showcase who you at their first encounter with you. In other words, first impressions are key!

3. Your Website

In addition to first impressions on social media, first impressions on your website are also highly important. Not only does having a photo of you build trust with your audience, but it helps your viewers get to know you and see who you are. Additionally, having a high-quality shows your audience that you are profession and will build credibility in their eyes. Add your brand images to your Home, About Me, or Contact page.

4. Email Campaigns

If you have a newsletter your send to customers, spice it up by adding photos. The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, so make sure you’re breaking up your information by adding images. Not only will your customers process the information faster, but adding images will lead to a higher email open-rate, since they will want to see images in future emails, instead of assuming they will be bored by lots of text.

5. Business Cards

Does your business card include a photo of you? If not, you should consider this. People feel more comfortable when they meet or interact with people who they are familiar with, and that’s what your face does to the card; it makes you familiar. In addition, your photo on a business card creates a lasting impression and increases trust between you and prospective clients.

6. Pinterest Post

If you aren’t giving any attention to Pinterest, I urge you to check out this article giving you 23 statistic and facts on Pinterest for 2021. Pinterest provides huge opportunities to those who have a business or sell a product, and you can’t create eye-catching pins without images.

7. Youtube Covers

It’s estimated that by 2022, there will be 210 million viewers in the U.S alone. That’s a lot of people looking to watch videos, and if your video isn’t catching their attention, they will scroll right past. Using images that are related to the content in the video will grab attention and make users click to watch.

8. Ads

More than ever, consumers want to see how brands will fit into their current and future lifestyles without having the ability to touch or feel. This is where the importance of quality brand photos come in. Whether your a product brand or personal brand, use images in your ads that show what it looks like to work with you or have your product.

9. Printed Flyers and Magazines

For those of you who think print is dead, think again! While yes, we may be printing less each year, there are still billions of adults that read newspaper and magazines. And when publication wants to interview you, make sure you have a professional, high-quality images ready to send them.

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