More than ever, people are choosing to shop for their products online rather than in person. Our society has not only become more digital, but more visual as well. Think about it, when you’re scrolling through Instagram, an image has .5 seconds to capture your attention, otherwise, you’ll just continue scrolling through your feed.  If […]

5 Product Photography Tips and Tricks for Images that Sell



How Branding Photography Helps Your Business


Posing Tip: What Do I Do With My Hands?


5 Reasons Every Small Business Needs Professional Photos

Dr Peace Lily Brand Photo by Detroit Brand Photographer

These days, it’s not only important to have brand photos, but it’s also important that you know all the ways to use your brand photos. Although there are endless ways to use your brand photos, I’m going to give you nine ways you can start to use your brand photos today! 1. Instagram Posts: Instagram […]

9 Ways to Use Your Brand Photos


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Esthetician Personal Branding Photos

Personal Branding photos for Touch of Tay, a licensed Esthetician serving the Metro Detroit area. Ladies and Gents, I introduce to you Tay, from Touch of Tay! In 2020 she decided to leave her job and follow her dream of becoming an Esthetician. After working tirelessly through a pandemic to pass her tests, she started […]

Touch of Tay – Esthetician Branding Session

Client Spotlight

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So, you want to start a personal brand but aren’t sure where to start? The funny thing is, you may already have a personal brand that you aren’t even aware of! Ever catch yourself saying “this reminds me of (insert name)!” that, my friend, is personal branding 😉 I want to share with you some […]

6 Steps to Starting a Personal Brand


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